Icy Winter Mantle

24 Jan

Well, hello, blog family! Today I bring you another peek into the Willis Household with our Winter-y Mantle. I’ve really taken changing out the decor to heart over the past few months! It’s just fun to keep it fresh and change the view.

For January, I wanted to keep it looking like winter with an icy, snowy feeling. Using stuff that I found around the house or on sale!!! (You can bet I hit up those after Christmas sales pretty hard!)

Here’s a cute little Eskimo couple that my Grandma gave to us. They just add a cute, romantic touch while maintaining the “it’s really frikking cold” motif I’ve got going on here.

A now for a breakdown of some of the fun elements. The silver trees were on super discount at Target after the holidays. I used one of our wedding centerpieces to add some floral and would you eve believe those pumpkins are the ones I used for Halloween? I spray painted them gold a while ago and they have held up really well. I definitely got my money’s worth.

So, there you go, our cute winter mantle. It’s neutral but still fun!


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