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Halloween at Apartment 1313

1 Nov

Welcome to November! I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween. I thought I would share some more pictures and details from the party Josh and I threw this past weekend. The thing that sparked our interest in have a Halloween party was the fact that our apartment number is 1313. Creepy on its own accord, right?

And of course, this whole month, I’ve been going on about non-traditional Halloween themes. This year, I chose black birds/bird silhouettes.

We invited people through Facebook, so I found an image of bird silhouettes and added the party information in paint with a creepy font. This one was Destroyed License Plate from I also made fun food cards from another “googled” image.

Dead flowers add a nice touch, eh?

I picked up some “matte-finish” ornaments from Hobby Lobby and filled them with black feathers to create a “black orb” kind of feel.

Here you can see my first attempt at decorating cookies. As I mentioned in my October Favorites, I have fallen in love (fairly quickly) with cookies. For this party, I made ghosts and black cats. They turned out rather well for a beginner (if I do say so, myself). More cookie updates to come!

And another note? I will never, ever make candied apples again. First of all, I didn’t find actual sticks, so I ended up using the popsicle sticks that came in the kit, so while they looked spooky (because they were really deep red) they didn’t have the same effect as actual sticks would have had. And then of course was the problem of “they were just a pain in the ass”. They were so sticky, I couldn’t get them off of the cookie sheet. I literally had to use scissors to cut them up. They did look creepy, but it wasn’t worth the work. Now I know.

Once our friends arrived, we had an awesome time! There were so many candles lit, it looked like we were going to be sacrificing someone. Good (and interesting) conversation with good friends.

What did you do for Halloween?