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Gift Wrapping Inspiration

14 Nov

I am seriously getting into Christmas decor early this year. (Sorry Thanksgiving!) And thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been saving lots of inspiration for pretty presents. While continuing with the never-ending mission to simplify our lives and saving money, I’ve decided to quit buying wrapping paper and stick with kraft paper. There are so many different ways to customize simple paper, not only for Christmas, but for all other occasions.

Here are some of my favorites below:

Silk ribbon in any color would be beautiful with this bow!

Tutorial on this gorgeous bow here.

Simple customizations for kraft paper wrapping. Use things you already have around the house! Doilies, yarn, or scraps of left over ribbon. The possibilities are endless! I especially love the little star bunting on the bottom!

Fun customizations here

Fabric scraps for wrapping and rosettes! Probably free if you have lots of leftover fabric pieces from other projects. Simple and beautiful.

Found on Babble.

Super simple newspaper and twine. And a simple gift tag solution: single initials.

Not only are these options more beautiful than traditional wrapping paper, but they are simple, and in most cases free! (What beats free around Christmas? I think nothing!) And even though it might be a little silly, I just love the look of coordinating presents! Make the tree look even more beautiful. So, while I’m not allowed to put out Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving (“one holiday at a time” is Josh’s policy) I’m fine just preparing for a great holiday season.

What is your favorite way to wrap gifts? Do you like coordinating colors, paper, and ribbon or is a mix-and-match style more your thing?

Dream Design: A Colorful Breakfast Nook

23 Aug

Right now, I am so in love with the idea of a breakfast nook. I’ve always liked the idea of having two dining spaces; one formal and one casual. When I saw this particular nook, just fell head over heels. It’s bright, it’s airy, and it’s colorful. Three characteristics I covet in design!

Source: DIY Magazine

But what most appeals to me about this room is that it can very easily be emulated. Find the colors and patterns you love and throw them together! With a neutral backdrop, it can all pull together easily! Enjoy all of your favorite colors! And for your enjoyment, I whipped up a little design board for more inspiration on how to create your own colorful nook!

1. For this room, I chose to go with a true gray as the wall color. Gray is actually my favorite neutral. It’s a bit more modern than your typical beige and cream. Benjamin Moore’s Silver Dollar is a great “true” gray. It will make all of the colorful accessories really pop.

2. Perhaps the focal point of the nook is the pedestal table. White keeps it crisp and, again, neutral. The key making this room work is to keep the major items subtle and then fill in with lots of colorful accessories. For this board I chose the Odyssey White Dining Table by CB2 ($199.00).

3. Start the color parade off with your chair choice! These Tutti Frutti Stacking Chairs by Target (2 for $69.99) are a fun shape and come in several different colors. We actually own them in blue. Of course, any color would be great. I chose pink for this board because

4. I love this pendant lamp! The photo above displays a simple white lamp, but I really loved the pattern and color of the Retro Honeycomb Drum Shade Pendant from Shades of Light ($129.00). If you have a similar set-up as the photo. This colorful lamp can break up the white space if you choose to forgo curtains.

5. Textiles is where you really get to have some fun. These throw pillow are all from The Inglenook Decor, and while they are gorgeous they are a bit pricey ($64, $95, & $80 respectively). You could easily hunt down fun fabrics from your local craft stores or even design your own on Spoonflower and make your own. Same with curtains, if you choose to use them. Short, cafe styled curtains would be another fun way to break up the large windows.

6. I kept accessories down to a minimum for this board. There are so many cute things out there, it’s hard to control myself, but this space doesn’t necessarily lend itself to lots of knick-knacks. Table decor should be kept to a minimum, to keep as much room open for actually eating. This cute Peacock Blue Recycled Glass Vase from Pier 1 ($39.95) and this Ceramic Owls also from West Elm ($9.00) are adorable table toppers. I also added this Oversize Seagrass Basket by West Elm ($129.00) to stash extra pillows that might get in the way with extra guests.

Do you love breakfast nooks? Or are you more partial to a different dining space? What characteristics do you favor in design? Share below!

Room Love: a living room that’s actually lived in…

8 Jul

Room Love: I save so many photos from the interwebs of gorgeous houses and rooms and I want to share some of my favorites.

Bower Power Blog

I love this living space! The warmth of the wood floors and furniture, the bold navy and white, and the mixture of patterns. It just comes together all so nicely. I can picture a family living here and enjoying the space. As much as I love the meticulously styled spaces in magazines and on TV, they can be a bit impersonal. But this room looks like it belongs to someone. (In fact, it belongs to some pretty cool people. The Bowers are a funny, beautiful family that have been blogging for over three years!)

What rooms do you love? Share in the comments!!!

Happy Royal Wedding Day!

29 Apr

While I didn’t follow it avidly, I do appreciate the romance that is seeping out of humanity because of the royal wedding!

Today is the day that every woman will wonder, even if only for a split second what it feels like to be a princess! (Or Duchess anyway!)

Dream Design: Pink & Red

6 Feb

February is awesome because it gives the lovers of pink (um, me!) a reason to play around with the pretty feminine color inside the home. Red and pink together are so flirty and feminine. I love it! It’s been a very popular color scheme for ads as well! Take a peek at my favorites!

Seriously, who doesn’t love Kate Spade? I could spend way longer than I care to admit on their website just pretending!

Coach Poppy Perfume

So yes, the combo can be a little potent, but I’m a firm believer that red and pink can be a fun addition to the everyday design of your home.

laundry room, staircase, apron, red mixer

Of course you’ve seen that laundry room in this post, but I used it again because it is awesome! And that pink staircase? A gorgeous pop of color in an otherwise neutral space. Add in some fun accessories to your space like the apron and this Kitchen Aid Mixer and you are set! Pink & red all year ’round! You are welcome!

Dream Design: Living Room

27 Nov

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I was blessed enough to spend time with old and new family. Being home has inspired some thoughts of becoming a home-owner and having another opportunity to design and decorate. Since, this won’t be happening any time soon, I thought I’d give a shot at creating design boards of my “fantasy land” home.

I decided to start with the living area. (Click for larger image)

I found the color palette from this post at Young House Love. I was drawn to it because our couch is very close to that shade of purple and after we bought it I contemplated how we could incorporate it into multiple color schemes and life stages. Our current palette is very bold with black, white, yellow, and purple but I figure that in our future house we will want a more subdued palette. And how killer is that wallpaper? I love that this medium has been given a makeover. I found this and a lot more beautiful patterns at Walnut Wallpaper. I thought it would be amazing to have around the fire place to make it an accent wall and keep the other walls the pale blue so things don’t get too cluttered.

The Leaning Wine Bar/Bookcase from Crate and Barrel is a great statement piece and (along with a fire place) it is substantial enough to take the place of a television. We don’t currently own a TV and, if we acquire one in the future, we do not want it to be the center of the living area. There will be ample seating with our current sofa and a few lounge chairs from Target. This modern coffee table (also from C&B) provides hidden storage and promotes a circular flow for the seating arrangement.

Glass accents like these candle holders and the beautiful Firefly Pendant Lamp by CB2 (seeing a pattern here?) keep the airiness of the color palette

So, while, I’m in no position right now to purchase anything, there is no harm in thinking about it. I really had fun putting together this design board and have plans to do many more. I hope you enjoyed it to.

Weird Fantasies?

3 Nov

Do you ever find yourself drifting off? Maybe in class or at work? Your eyelids get heavy, your mouth slackens, and you starting entering dream land, where anything is possible… like gorgeous, spacious, light and airy laundry rooms!

What did you think I meant?




I am loving the pink-striped room! It’s so fresh. Right now our laundry room is more of a closet, but one day we’ll have a house and it would just be the cherry on top if we could have an awesome laundry room. After all, don’t you think that having a room like any of these three would make doing laundry a lot better? I think, yes.

Which is your favorite?