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Fireplaces in the Off Season

19 Jul

When it’s about a-billion degrees outside (like it is in Texas), our fireplace is the last thing on my mind. But lately, I’ve been making some improvements to our apartment (lots of posts coming soon!) and I wanted to improve the look of our hearth.

Last winter, we didn’t have a chance to buy a screen or even use our fireplace so it’s been bare since we moved in. And, go figure, they don’t sell that kind of stuff in the summer wit the aforementioned “billion-degree weather”. So, I searched out some alternatives to make our fireplace less of a black hole. Here are some of the ideas I love and the one I chose.


I love the look of this fireplace in general. It’s light and cheery, which is the opposite of what I envision when I think fire. Love it! Get this look easily with some vases in complimentary colors to your room decor and fill with faux blooms to keep your display looking good all through the warm months.


I love this idea! Especially for a room that isn’t full of wood tones and natural wood furniture. Here, it really brings warmth to the crisp white walls and fireplace. It’s not exactly functional if you’d like to use your fireplace, but if you aren’t really a fan of the flames or have a non-working hearth, then this would be a beautiful option!
I kept it simple with some pillar candles and a mirror. It keeps option of soft light and looks good when it’s not lit. The mirror also helps brighten up the black hole that was our fireplace.

Have you used any of these techniques? Or any other fun ideas? I wanna know!


My Creativity Checklist – 2011

4 Jan

Oh goodness! It’s the new year and that means new goals! This year I decided to do something fun and different. Introducing my Creativity Checklist v. 2011! Here is a list of 12 things that I want to learn or do this year to keep the creativity flowing. Ultimately, the goal is to complete one thing per month (some items will take longer than one month, but I’ll aim to complete it in a certain month). Each completed task will have it’s own post, pictures, and bragging rights! This list isn’t in any specific order except for the first one which is this month’s goal. Wish me luck!

Organize my craft closet!!! January
Design a garment (and actually wear it!)
Take a cake decorating class
Master making cute fabric rosettes
Learn to use Photoshop
Become a certified wedding planner
Decorate cookies freehand (
like this!)
Make my own flavored liquor
Create and complete a business plan (shhh… :D)
Finish wedding projects
Make a mean Cosmopolitan
Make this
rainbow cake February

November Favorites

6 Dec

November kicked off the holiday season, and I have a whole lot of favorite items and activities to help out with that.

New and Old Family:

This Thanksgiving was one of the most memorable I’ve had because I got to have two “Turkey Days”. Josh and I spent one with his family and one with mine. Even though I’d been with Josh for practically 4 years prior to this holiday season, but we’ve never been completely immersed in the holiday season with each others family. It was a really great holiday and I am truly thankful for my old and my new family!

Window shopping:

At this point in time, Josh and I are really trying to watch our budget and it can be pretty hard staying in check with all of the crazy sales going on. So, to curb the craving, I’ve been doing a lot of window shopping, especially online. That is one of the reasons I created this design board.

Secret Wonderland from Bath and Body Works:

Best. Scent. Ever!!! It is very sweet (almost like cotton candy, I think) and this one little candle smelled up my whole apartment. Candles are a tricky thing for us, because Josh can’t handle a lot of potent scents. So I bought the small version of this to test it out, and it will absolutely be a repeat purchase. If you’re looking for a new scent for the holidays, I would definitely recommend this one.

Oven Break!

I found this awesome little iPhone game a few weeks ago and I am obsessed!! This little gingerbread man is so cute and your goal is to try and break him out of the oven! It definitely sets you in a Christmas mood! Did I mention it’s free?

What were your favorite items for November?

PeaPod: The Knot Party

30 Nov

Thursday, November 18 brought the biggest day of my year with The Knot Party. I am blessed enough to work for a very talented event designer who was picked to plan this years Texas event. Needless to say, it. was. amazing!! And with a theme like Club Havana, it was also a blast!I can’t imagine anyone having more fun on a job. There was dancing, amazing food and drinks, and crazy-fun stations like Foto Favor, a gourmet popcorn bar by Le Popcorn, and even our own pipe cleaner rings!

How crazy is this cake?

One of the new specialties from the PeaPod Group are these awesome pipe cleaner rings. We spent part of the night hand making these for the guests. Everyone loved them!

The PeaPod girls!!! This group is really such an awesome collection of people with lots of different talents and skills. I am a very lucky girl.

*Photography by the wonderful Rejana from BluDoor Studios

Pink Cupcake Cookies

22 Nov

Well, the week of Thanksgiving is upon us, and as hard as I’ve been trying to resist the temptation of cheating on Thanksgiving with Christmas, I have failed… sort of.

This past weekend, I spent time with two of my best friends, Sarah and Amanda, to pick out bridesmaids dresses for Sarah’s upcoming wedding. It also happened to Amanda’s belated birthday, so I decided to make some cookies as a “bridal bonanza day/belated birthday” surprise for the both of them. And as much as I love fall colors, I wanted these to be pink… really, really pink. Roll that anti-Fall footage!

Aren’t they adorable? They are equally cute just plain or decorated with swirls and polka-dots. Perfectly fitting for a princess birthday party and, obviously, Valentine’s day! I’m particularly proud of these, because I can tell my cookie skills are improving! Yay, for dedication!

October Favorites

30 Oct

October is coming to a close and I thought I would try out another new thing. Favorites posts! Just a little compilation of the things I’m loving at the moment. Enjoy

Black leggings: So I’m a little late on the legging trend, but I picked some up at Target earlier this month and I am loving them! They are crazy comfy but dressier than sweatpants. My favorite method is wearing one of my cute mini dresses with them.


Target tank tops: Hallelujah! I’ve finally found a tank top that doesn’t stretch out immediately! Enough said.

Hocus Pocus: My favorite Halloween movie of all time! It is the cutest movie. It seems that there was this huge transition in TV and this happened before reality television dominated every channel. If you haven’t seen it, rent it! It’ll will make you happy.


University of Cookie: I have fallen in love with cute cookies and, therefore, making cute cookies. I just made some today for our Halloween party and while they are a little messy, they look pretty good for a first timer. The best thing about U of C is that Ms. Bridget provides video tutorials. You can see how they are making the icing and cookie dough and how they do all the awesome things you can do to a cookie. Even if you’re not a baker, check out the site just to get your daily dose of cute.

What were your “can’t live without items of the month?”

Statement Art on a Budget

28 Oct

Art on a newlywed/college kid budget is a little hard to come by, but there are absolutely ways to have statement art in your home for less. Prints! Take a peak at the statement art I put up in our bedroom.

Total, this project cost about $35.00. This posters and small prints were half off, the small frames were $3.00 each at Wal-Mart, and (the mega-daddy sale item!) the large frame was $10.00! I spray painted them a satin gold, and that was it!

So, while one day we’ll be able to have authentic art in our bedroom, I have no problems with this! I’m actually quite fond of our little set up!